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"There is more to medicine than surgery and prescriptions.
Faith, hope and spirituality are all part of healing and recovery. "

Dr. Allan Hamilton is a highly sought after speaker in the field of health, spirituality and wellness. A Harvard trained brain surgeon and author, he shares inspirational stories and advice that empower well being and spiritual growth.

In addition to penning the books "Zen Mind, Zen Horse" and "The Scalpel and the Soul", he is the author of numerous articles in professional journals and lay publications.



Learning Better Beside Manners from Professor Equus

Dr. Hamilton has been teaching his bedside manner program to medical students at the University of Arizona since 2001. Click here to read how this innovative program teaches tomorrow's doctors.


Developing Bedside Manner at the Ranch

Read about Dr. Hamilton in the January/February 2014 edition of HealthLeaders Magazine. Visit their website at www.healthleadersmedia.com.


See Dr. Hamilton on NBC's The Today Show

NBC News Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman spent a day at at Dr. Hamilton's Rancho Bosque in Tucson AZ, interviewing him for a profile on his innovative “From Barnyard to Bedside” program. The course teaches University of Arizona medical school students how to enhance their communication skills and improve their bedside manner. Read More



Books By Dr. Hamilton

Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horseszen
A facinating and practical primer on spirituality, brain function, and the bonds between the equine and human species.

It is written from Dr. Hamilton's unique perspective as a Harvard-trained brain surgeon and an experienced horse trainer. It is both a technical manual for training horses and a guide to extracting the deeper, spiritual lessons we can learn from these animals and applying them in our daily lives. It looks at horsemanship as a spiritual journey, open to anyone,at any level of expertise, and at any stage in their lives. Learn More

"Zen Mind, Zen Horse" is a Gold Nautilus Award winner for Animal/Nature "Books That Are Changing the World" and was chosen as a Finalist for "Books for a Better Life" Award.


The Scalpel and the SoulThe Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope

Dr. Hamilton's first book is based on thirty years experience as Harvard-educated brain surgeon. The Scalpel and the Soul tells the stories behind remarkable patients and the moral and spiritual lessons they can teach everyone. In this book, Dr. Hamilton shares a rare glimpse of how the spiritual and the supernatural manifest themselves even in the high-tech world of 21st century intensive care unitsor operating rooms.

Highly acclaimed by critics, The Scalpel and the Soul was a Silver Nautilus Award winner.

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"When a health crisis strikes, we confront great dangers and dark fears.
Yet illness can offer opportunities to tap into unseen powers beyond the physical world. When we reach out, the world of the spirit becomes ours."

-- Allan Hamilton, MD

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